Firefighter Cancer Support Network

Shield 23 Foundation is proud to provide in collaboration with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) this link to Fire Exposure Education. This is available to both firefighters as well as interested guests. Please click on the button below:

Each session is short/ interactive and you can stop at the end of each module. You may do as much or as little as you wish at each session. To obtain credit complete each module in succession & some sections have quizzes. This is all that is needed to get started with this interactive engaging on-the-job exposure series and to learn the best most up-to-date information to decrease your cancer risk over the long haul of a career. Your Fire Education Officer may request a list of their entire fire department’s education completed for the number of hours completed by the department.

Education officer: Send an email to requesting a list of firefighters who completed FCSN modules annually.

GUEST: Sign in your first and last name in the first box. Pick your current city’s closest fire department. Start modules and complete them in succession. You may return at any time back to where you finished last session.