Gift Appeal

“You go, we go…” In the tradition of saving our own, help us help you!

Firefighters are trained as and dedicated to being the rescuers, and less comfortable being the rescued. They tend to avoid the spotlight or being the center of attention. And they certainly do not find it easy to ask for or accept help even when it is their time of need. Shield 23 Foundation was founded by and is staffed by volunteers who have personal experience with that feeling and we respect and are sensitive to how difficult it can be to be in such a position.  This is what we exist for, and we are here to help. We have found that firefighters battling cancer find it more comfortable for a member of their department to reach out and request the Gift Appeal form and even complete it on their behalf. While a family member or friend is welcome to do the same, using that brother/sisterhood connection at the fire house is often most easily received.

We’re Here to Help

Has one of your brother or sister firefighters been diagnosed with and battling cancer? Are you the loved one or friend of a firefighter with cancer?  We’re here to help with financial assistance and peer support. Start here to contact us or download a gift appeal request form on their behalf.

How to Submit a Gift Appeal Form

Simply download the 2 page form and print off, complete, attach the 2 verification documents required, sign, and email back to us.

A gift appeal form is not an application. The only eligibility requirements are that 1) the firefighter is actively employed (disability or FMLA status is accepted; proof of employment/roster must be submitted with gift appeal form) and 2) has received a diagnosis of cancer (a brief letter of verification from physician must be submitted with gift appeal form.) We maintain confidentiality of all information submitted. We require a Release before any identifying info, or sharing on our website and social media, is allowed.

Our Gifting Committee then reviews the gift appeal form for completeness, comes to a suggested amount of the gift, and sends it on to the Shield 23 Foundation Board for final vote on the amount of disbursement. The recipient representative is contacted, and we arrange for the gifting. When appropriate we prefer to deliver the gifting in person, as we view this as part of the support we offer. Often the recipient representative and their fire department brothers and sisters find comfort in participating in the gifting meeting with us. The gifting consists of a check or gift cards, as applicable, a framed certificate, and a S23F decal.  Have gifting, will travel!

Fundraising Events Co-Marketing: Shield 23 Foundation also offers its support in regards to any fundraising events that the Recipient’s fire department may be hosting on the firefighter’s behalf. For example, we are pleased to post on our social media and website any fundraisers info that may be being planned. We have in the past even arranged to present the Gifting at the fundraiser event. Please contact us to discuss this service/process.