Request a Gifting

Gift Appeal Form

How to Submit the Gift Appeal Form (it is not an application): simply download the 2 page form and print off, complete, attach the 2 verification documents required, sign, and email back to us.

The only eligibility requirements are that 1) the firefighter is actively employed (disability or FMLA status is accepted; proof of employment/roster must be submitted with Gift Appeal form) and 2) has received a diagnosis of cancer (a brief letter of verication from physician must be submitted with Gift Appeal Form.) We maintain confidentiality of all information submitted. We require a Release before any identifying info, or sharing on our website and social media, is allowed.

Our Gifting Committee then reviews the Gift Appeal Form for completeness, comes to a suggested amount of the Gift, and sends it on to the S23F Board for final vote on the amount of disbursement. The Recipient representative is contacted, and we arrange for the Gifting. When appropriate we prefer to deliver the Gifting in person, as we view this as part of the support we offer. Often the Recipient representative and their fire department brothers and sisters find comfort in participating in the Gifting meeting with us. The Gifting consists of a check or gift cards, as applicable, a framed certificate, and a S23F decal.  Have Gifting, will travel!