Our Impact

The impact of cancer in the fire service is still being realized. Research is ongoing, risk prevention steps taken by the fire service are showing progress; and employers and government are supporting better gear, protection and benefits. Shield 23 Foundation is focused on making an impact of its own via its mission goals: financial assistance, peer support and awareness.

Giftings of Financial Assistance

In its first full year of operation, 2019, Shield 23 Foundation provided financial assistance in the form of giftings to its first 2 Recipients totaling $4,346.

Thus far in 2022, (as of September), in spite of delays in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve gifted $50,414 including the addition of Out of Illinois state giftings.

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Giftings cannot be given without the financial generosity of our Members, Donors and Sponsors. Our Impact includes being the beneficiary of a growing Membership base, the support of area fire departments and union locals, of local businesses, social events, restaurant proceeds events, social media fundraisers, S23F merchandise and more.

Peer Support

After receiving numerous requests from cancer survivors and their families, Shield 23 is excited to announce we are launching our own peer support program. Currently in development, we hope to start the program in 2023.

Increasing Awareness

Our impact on both public and fire service awareness has multiplied many times over. We have focused on Fire Department and union locals outreach, delivered public presentations, attended charity events, and given interviews in the media and on radio. We have attended fire service honor guard conventions, designed S23F merchandise to help raise funds for our cause, and expanded our social media reach so much so that interest in S23F has stretched outside the local geographical area. We continuously are building and updating our resource library for education and help.