S23F gifted Three Oswego Firefighters over $4,000 Benefit

Oswego, Ill. – Three firefighters from the Oswego Fire Protection District received over $4,000 in financial aid to support them in their battle with cancer this past Saturday, courtesy of the Shield 23 Foundation, a charity dedicated to supporting firefighters with cancer.

“Just knowing that there’s people out there that actually care and want to help you – total strangers – it’s just a tremendous organization,” said Robert Towery, recipient.

By alleviating some of the financial limits and stressors incurred during a battle with cancer, Shield 23 Foundation hopes to offer the support that allows the firefighter with cancer to receive the highest level of care and comfort with their family by their side during their fight against their illness.

“Our family founded Shield 23 Foundation in memory of my husband, Firefighter/Paramedic Russ Constantino, who died in 2009 from job-related brain cancer,” said Shenan Constantino, the founder and President of Shield 23 Foundation. “We are honored to present giftings to these firefighters battling cancer. This is our way of paying it forward, supporting them and their families, and recognizing their courage and strength. This is why we do what we do–for love of family and brotherhood.”

The Shield 23 Foundation was founded in March 2018 by family and friends in memory of 20-year Gurnee, Illinois Fire Department Firefighter/Paramedic Russell S. Constantino, who passed away November 9, 2009 from active duty related brain cancer. We are a non-profit organization that raises funds for and gifts funds to firefighters battling cancer and the families that stand beside them. You can learn more and donate to help support firefighters battling cancer at https://www.shield23foundation.org/.